We are professional medical equipments suppliers over 10 years and have exported goods to more than 100 countries like European, USA, Africa, South America. Middle East, Southeast Asia etc.  We are serious and take quality as number one, all of our factories have ISO certificate, some have CE and FDA certificates.

Our major products includes :

Anesthesia Machine;(with CE)
Pendant;(with CE)
Phlegm Discharge Machine;(with CE)
Laser System;
Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer;

Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination, Detnal X-ray, X ray film reader, Portable digital X-ray(30mA,50mA, 100mA);  HF C Arm, Remote controll X-ray, HF 70mA/200mA mobile X-ray machine, 300mA, 500mA X-ray machine; X-ray film Processor, X-ray protection products like Lead screen, glove, apron, etc.

Mammography Machine;

HF Jet Ventilator, HF first aid ventilator, ventilator for animals, Infant Ventilator, Emergency Ventilator etc;

Lab equipment:
Infant Scale, weight scale, spectrophotometer, PH Meter, Colorimeter, Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer, Fully automatic hematology analyzer, urine analyzer, Parting Laser Perfortor, Chenmiluminescence lmmunoassay Analyzer, urine analyzer etc.

Ultrasound unit;
O.T Table; O.T.Light
Delivery bed,
Infant incubator; Infant Radiant Warmer;
Autoclave; Sterilizer;

We also offer OEM service.

We believe we can satisfy you with not only all kinds of good quality products but also best service and competitive prices.

It's our basic goal to make you profit.